The rainy season is here!

The rainy season in South Florida stretches from May to November, and it’s a time when the region usually gets 70 percent of its annual rainfall. However, even when not in “rainy season”, all of South Florida still gets more rain than most other cities on a monthly basis. December is the driest month and still gets over 2 inches of rain.

With this kind of rainfall, as you would expect, controlling the runoff from this rain is a major concern homeowner. A major way for homeowners to manage and control water drainage is rain gutters. Rain gutters are a necessity for homeowners in South Florida.

Heavy rain can damage a house quickly, and besides the obvious short term effects like flooding, there are long term effects like mildew, rot, peeling paint, and damage to a house’s foundations. Most people know that they need rain gutters on their houses, but it’s important to make sure those gutters are functioning properly to handle all that rain. Leaky or clogged gutters can cause just as many problems as no gutters at all.

The best kind of rain gutters for heavy rainfall is the seamless rain gutter. They’re custom fitted to your house and have a coating of baked enamel, which means they never need painting. They are made of aluminum so they don’t rust or wear out, and you can feel safe that your house is protected against all types of weather damage.

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