Aluminum vs Copper rain gutters

Aluminum is probably the most popular rain gutters material, but copper is prized due to its high-end benefits and aesthetics. They both do a wonderful job of protecting your home from rain and snow, but they are for two completely different clients. If you want dependable protection at a reasonable price, then aluminum might be the best. Copper is for those who want rain gutters with amazing longevity and even more durability.

Aluminum Rain Gutters


  • Aluminum is fairly inexpensive when compared to copper. It’s roughly less than half the price of copper, which allows you to protect your home without spending thousands of dollars.
  • Due to its lightweight design, aluminum is fairly easy to install. Many do-it-yourselfers will be able to install aluminum rain gutters without any problems.
  • You can get aluminum rain gutters in about 25 different colors. This is because the rain gutters are covered with enamel that protects them against rust.


  • Though aluminum resists rust better than many other metals, it will rust faster than copper. This is especially true if you don’t maintain the enamel layer.
  • Aluminum is susceptible to thermal damage if it’s kept in a hot environment. High or quickly changing temperatures can be harmful to aluminum rain gutters.


Copper Rain Gutters


  • Copper rain gutters are expected to last as long as your home. Aluminum has a good longevity of 20 years, but copper will last much longer.
  • Many people like copper’s unique color. It will also fade into a green patina with time, which many homeowners love. At the same time, this might be an issue if you don’t like how patina looks.
  • Copper is stronger and more durable than aluminum. Aluminum has a tendency to dent if something hits it, but copper is much more resilient.


  • This is one of the most expensive materials. Be ready for a major investment if you want to buy copper rain gutters. Installation is also very difficult due to copper’s weight.
  • Thieves may target your house because copper is very valuable. They can easily make a lot of money by just taking your rain gutters, which may be an issue in certain neighborhoods.


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